Why don’t I get email notifications on my Brite R450?

You can get them on Brite R450. Doing so requires understanding how to get email notifications to first appear in your device’s notification center.

For iOs:
First, make sure that the specific notifications you want are active in your smartphone or tablet’s notification center. On your compatible iOs device, go to Settings (of your phone or tablet), then Notification Center. Make sure the apps you want are in the “include” list. To set the details for a particular app, click on the app in the include list and customize to your preferences. Second, on your iOs phone or tablet’s “Settings” go into “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”. From there, go into “Fetch New Data”. Make sure “Push” is activated. Doing this means new data will be pushed (automatically) to you whenever something is received. Then for each of your email, contact and calendar accounts, click on them. Some services offer “Push”, “Fetch” and “manual”. Some do not offer “Push”. Select “push” if possible, for the email you want to show up on Brite R450. If not, select “fetch”. If you have selected “fetch”, for any of the accounts, then in the “Fetch New Data” page, scroll down and select the fetch interval – how often do you want selected accounts to go and get data and send it to you. Third, in the LifeTrak app, go to settings -> notifications and make sure “Mail” is activated.

For Android:
Go to the specific email app you are using and make sure you have activated notifications. Customize the notification details to your requirements if the specific app allows. To get email notifications “automatically”, you may need to activate “push” or “sync” (with your mailbox service/server) or set a “fetch” frequency. Each app has its own options.
In the LifeTrak app, I customized the notifications controls, but it doesn’t seem to be working.
After any changes to the notifications filters, you need to remember to sync your smartphone / tablet to Brite R450 through the LifeTrak app.

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