Will my Brite R450 automatically reconnect bluetooth when I come back in range of my supported smartphone/tablet?

iOs: Yes. From the time you wander out of range, every 15 minutes, it will try to reconnect with your smartphone/tablet whether you are in or out of range. It will try doing this at 15 minute intervals for 2 hours. If unsuccessful, it will power down Bluetooth and you will need to manually reconnect.

Android: At this time, no. We are working to automate this, but for now, manually reconnect Bluetooth. Assuming your Brite R450 is already paired and the Bluetooth on your supported smartphone or tablet is on, do the following: Open the LifeTrak app. Get to your dashboard. Press the sync symbol at the top right corner. Press and hold the 4’oclock button and you will see the message “Hold to connect” on your tracker. When you see the blinking Bluetooth symbol, you can let go. Once the symbol stops blinking and appears solidly, then you have re-established the Bluetooth link. In this case, your app will also sync the data from your tracker.

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