What if I cannot get a heart rate reading during a workout?

If you are having difficulty measuring your heart rate, you may want to try the following steps.

  • Make sure the Life Tracker is snugly strapped to your wrist. A loose fit makes it more difficult to properly measure your heart rate.
  • Touch gently with enough pressure to activate the heart rate measure mode. Muscle “noise” from pressing too hard can make it difficult to measure your heart rate.
  • Make sure the back metal plate (battery door) of the Life Tracker is laying flat on your skin.
  • Make sure your wrist and fingers are clean and free from dirt, oils, or lotions.
  • Stay still, and relax your arms on a stable surface while taking your heart rate.
  • Clean the back metal plate with a mild soap and water, or similar cleaning solution.
  • Moisten, with water, the surface between the back metal plate of the Life Tracker and the skin on your wrist.
  • If the Life Tracker was exposed to excessive water/ moisture, such as being in a pool or in the shower, dry the Life Tracker before attempting to acquire a heart rate.
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