I have been using Brite R450 with my smartphone or tablet and I plan to buy a new smartphone/tablet and want Brite R450 to work with it. What do I do?

Brite R450 can only be paired with one smartphone/tablet at a time. To use with your new smartphone/tablet:

  1. Make sure you sync your data from your old smartphone/tablet to the LifeTrak cloud. In the app, press on view my account and make sure Enable Sync to cloud” is on. Then sync to cloud.
  2. Unpair your Brite R450 with your old smartphone/tablet.
  3. Pair your Brite R450 with your new smartphone/tablet. To unpair your Brite R450, make sure the Bluetooth is active on your old smartphone/tablet and then press the 4’oclock button on Brite R450. Hold down until you see “Pair Info Removed”. To pair with your new smartphone/tablet, after downloading the LifeTrak app, open it, sign-in and then select “connect a new watch” and then follow the instructions.
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