The “We can’t find your LifeTrak device” message pops up. Why?

  1. Ensure the Bluetooth of your smartphone or tablet is turned on.
  2. Ensure the Bluetooth of your Brite R450 is turned on. You can see it is on by looking to the left of the hole (at top of the watch screen). There should be a Bluetooth symbol (looks like a letter B). If it is not there, then turn on the Bluetooth by pressing the lower right button of the watch. You should see a “Hold to Connect”. Hold until you see the symbol appear.
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    Hector Cuadra

    I keep getting this error "We can't find your LifeTrak device."
    My Bluetooth is on. I have and iPhone 5 with software 9.3.1.
    My App version is 767; SDK version is 39.1.2; Firmaware is version V0220; software version is V0126.
    I have turned off/on the phone.

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