Three tips to maximize battery life.

  1. Use the notifications filter in the LifeTrak app to decide which notifications should come to your wrist and which ones should not. While the default is that all 9 types come to your wrist, most people choose to select just the most important types to be transmitted to the Brite R450
  2. Sync once a week. The Brite R450 stores up to 20 days of data and you can view up to 7 days on wrist (viewing LightTrak data requires the app, so to see your progress details, you would want to sync as needed).
  3. Manually turn off Bluetooth when not needed. If you know you will be out of range of your smartphone or tablet (30 feet without obstructions) for an extended period of time, press the lower right button to “turn off” Bluetooth. Otherwise the Brite R450 will spend energy, for up to 3 hours(!) in 15 minute intervals, looking for your smartphone or tablet.
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